Helicopter Lessons: Zero Zero Landing in the R22 (Video)

[youtube_sc url=http://www.youtube.com/v/esTkteBr4UI rel=0 fs=1 autohide=1 modestbranding=1]

There are several ways to land a helicopter, and which one to use is dependent on factors in play on the day, such as size of the site, what the weather is like, and how heavily laden the helicopter is.

A zero zero landing technique is useful when all these factors conspire to mean that the helicopter doesn’t have quite enough power to maintain a hover before landing.  You can get round this problem by keeping some speed on during the actual landing, to make the most of the lift the helicopter gains from forward motion. It’s called translational lift.

So if your pre-landing power check suggests that you don’t have the power to hover for this landing, this is one of your options. It’s called zero zero, because it involves touching down just at the moment when you come to a stop (forward speed=zero) and at precisely the moment you bring rate of descent to zero.

Like everything in a helicopter, it feels great when you get it just right. I can teach you this technique, and the judgement to help you decide when it’s appropriate.


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